Amazing Benefits Of Moving From California To Arizona

If you are living in California and want to move to a better place, we highly recommend Arizona. It is absolutely a perfect destination for everyone.

The following information will give you some benefits of moving from California to Arizona. If you are planning a big move, this is helpful.

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5 Benefits of Moving from California to Arizona

Perhaps you have wondered why this state can beat out California. Here are the explanations.

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Cost of living

Benefits of  Moving from California to Arizona

That is the main reason why people want to move to Arizona. As known, the cost of living in California is quite expensive.

In comparison, everything you purchase in Arizona is really a bargain. In particular, it is estimated that the money you need to live in California is nearly 68 % higher than in Arizona.

This rate includes several factors, such as housing, transportation, health care, housing, etc. Amongst all of that, housing is the biggest problem, which is approximately 190% more expensive in California than that in Arizona.

So, living in Arizona, you can save yourself some money to do other things such as starting a business, purchasing a home, or even fulfilling your dream. Don’t hesitate to move here.

However, note that the fee that people have to pay much more in Arizona than in California is related to to air conditioning. In California, especially in San Diego, none of the houses have air conditioners; locals often open the window to get fresh and cool air. Meanwhile, locals in Arizona can barely handle the excessive heat without the help of air conditioning.

Natural Disasters

Underneath all the glamours of California, indigenous people constantly have a fear of dangerous and sudden disasters. Many forest fires and earthquakes threaten the lives of locals on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, Arizona is located totally on bedrock, which helps the state to avoid earthquakes from the oceans. That seems to be much safer than in California.

In fact, haboobs and sandstorms rarely happens in Arizona, but these catastrophes cause much less damages than earthquakes.

Traffic and Transportation

Do you often get stuck in traffic congestion?

We know that it isn’t very pleasant. Living in California, you have to get used to congestion due to overpopulation. Los Angeles and Francisco are the top cities which have the highest rate of traffic jams.

A long commute is also one of the inconveniences. Most work offices are in the center of cities which is prohibitively expensive to live.

Moving to Arizona, all problems with your daily commute can be alleviated. You can purchase a dream house near your office. That’s perfect! This is not only time-saving but also protecting the environment.

Public transport in Arizona consists of busses and light rail systems Although these means of transportation and their service are not good and modern as that of California, they are enough to meet the need of people living here.

Recently, Arizona has expanded. Therefore, many improvements and investments have been made to provide better transportation for the growing population.

Besides, if you want to travel further, Arizona offers you highways that you can take a short drive to other states.

How about parking spaces in the metro area? Don’t worry. There are a lot. Of course, the fee for parking is also cheap.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities in Arizona

At the weekend, do you often want to join adventurous activities and find somewhere to conquer? Don’t hesitate to come to Arizona.

From the green forest, sunny forest with featured cactus to the rolling mountains, the magnificent landscapes here won’t make you disappointed.

You can go camping in the forest, skydiving, mountain biking in Prescott, whitewater rafting the Colorado through the Grand Canyon, floating the Salt River or simply just play a sport in the parks near your house.

Keep in mind these beautiful places!

Arizona doesn’t have blue beaches with white sand, however, other amazing attractions can also draw visitors to visit for several times.

If you want to participate in some art activities, this state also offers you the best opportunities. Many groups, organizers and cultural centers were established with modern facilities to enrich the mental lives of locals.

Job Growth

Many companies find it hard to develop a new brand in California because of the expensive costs for human resources and infrastructures.

These results in a significant increase in the number of startup companies selecting Arizona to build their new brands or offices.

It would be best if you considered the job opportunities in Arizona where the rate of job growth ranks #3 compared to other regions in America. Meanwhile, in California, the job market grows slowly when there are more and more people.

Besides, the living standards have been ameliorated that allows Arizona to attract talented people from other regions, even around the world. Education systems have been improved to give better schooling to teenagers.

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In Conclusion

After all, there are more and more people who have recognized the benefits of moving from California to Arizona over the past decade. It is predicted that the immigration rate will be still on the increase in the future.

How about you? Have you had any plans for a big move?

I hope this article will give you an overall view of the dominant advantages of relocating to Arizona.

Thank you for reading!