Best Apple Orchards In Arizona – Top Best Ones You Need To Visit

What are in your mind when thinking of Arizona? Highways, deserts, mountains, hills, or cactus? Well, you must miss the truth that there are many fresh orchards in Arizona. 

Really? The fresh orchards and fruit in this hot state? 

No kidding! There are, indeed, various orchards flourishing in Arizona, and apple orchard is one of them. 

In this article, we will recommend the top 10 best apple orchards in Arizona that may be helpful for your trip plan. Here we go. 

#1. Apple Annie’s Orchard – Willcox, Arizona

This is one of the most famous fruit orchards in Arizona. Most people come to visit Apple Annie’s Orchard at every harvest season to see and pick up an abundant amount of apples. There are about ten varieties of apples in this orchard.

Apple Annie’s Orchard was first opened to the public in 1986 that it soon became an attractive spot in the state. People can go for a picnic in this area while collecting apples on trees. There are also family events and activities in Apple Annie’s Orchard, which makes it more exciting and attractive.

Best Apple Orchards In Arizona

One more thing you don’t want to miss is the apple pie, which is the specialty and signature dish of Apple Annie’s Orchard.

#2. Schnepf Farms – Queen Creek, Arizona

Schnepf Farms is a vast farm in Arizona, which features various types of fruits and vegetables: potatoes, candy corns, peaches, wheat, etc. Their u-pick gardens (which means you can pick fruit and vegetables by yourself) are large and vast.  

However, farmers mostly grow and provide peaches as the primary fruit. Schnepf Farms is also the biggest organic peach supplier in Arizona.  

Do we have to pay any fee for entrance to the orchard? Absolutely not! The entry is free from Thursdays to Sundays that you can go for some apples and other fruits.

#3. Briggs & Eggers Orchard – Willcox, Arizona

Alongside with Annie’s farm, there is another massive apple orchard in Willcox – Briggs & Eggers. 

Indeed, this orchard is up to 400 acres and contains a vast range of fruits. Briggs & Eggers has also been the biggest apple supplier since 1968. Juicy organic apples are always available and never run out because the orchard is located in an area with perfect harvest conditions.  

You can also visit the factory right next to the farm and see the storage capacity of the orchard.

#4. Fenway Park Orchards – Morristown, Arizona

Peaches and apples are the primary fruits in Fenway Park orchard. Located in Morristown, Arizona, this farm consists of more than 1,000 fruit trees and has been providing delicious apples to citizens for over 45 years.

Best Apple Orchards In Arizona

All apples here are organic and free of pesticide, which is very healthy and eco-friendly. There are two specialized types of apples in Briggs & Eggers: Anna and Golden Dorsett apples. Peaches are also highly recommended.

#5. Date Creek Ranch – Wickenburg, Arizona

If you enjoy a peaceful life and features of the countryside, Date Creek Ranch is your best choice.  

I mean, what is more enjoyable than to walk around the farm picking up juicy apples while feeding the cattle. Well, Date Creek Ranch offers all of these.

Date Creek Ranch - Wickenburg, Arizona

This ranch is owned by a family, but you are allowed to visit and collect apples from September to October, which is the harvest season. Apple pie is a specialty and signature here that you can buy, too.

#6. Pendley Homestead – Sedona, Arizona

Though this spot was sold in the 1980s, Pendley Homestead is still an excellent place for picking apples in the traditional way.

You don’t need to go to an orchard to do some picking as you have Pendley Homestead, which is in Slide Rock State Park. This orchard used to be a renowned place in the 20th century with various fruit trees.

However, there are still more than 12 types of apples on this site that you can discover yourself.

#7. Howard’s Orchard – Tucson, Arizona

Howard’s orchard has a unique apple harvest season, which often takes place in August (while other orchards have the harvest season from September). And this thing makes it more attractive and exciting.

They grow three main fruits and vegetables here: tomato, peach, and apple. The fruits come with high and fresh quality, while their taste is juicy, rich, and delicious.

You can come to visit Howard’s Orchard from Wednesdays to Saturday mornings.

#8. Beatty’s Guest Ranch and Orchard – Hereford, Arizona

If this orchard had not experienced in a fire in 2011, it would have been the most beautiful and abundant orchard in Hereford, Arizona.

Located in the valley in South East Arizona, Beatty’s Guest Ranch and Orchard used to have about 1,300 trees and 34 apple varieties. Though the orchard has recovered strongly today, it can never be compared to the previous stage.

#9. Mother Nature’s Farm – Gilbert, Arizona

Mother Nature’s Farm attracts people with an annual festival in autumn. It has been famous since the late 1980s when it first released a pumpkin patch.

However, the apple harvest season is in summer. May and June are the two primary seasons for picking apples and peaches.

#10. Angle Orchard – Mount Graham, Arizona

Hiding in the Graham mountain, Angle Orchard is a place for those who enjoy peace and quietness. This orchard only provides delicious and juicy apples with numerous trees around. You can hang out with your family or children in the summer and autumn with $0.75 per round picking.

Final words

Picking apples has never been so sweet and easy in Arizona with the list of best apple orchards. Now you know that apple orchards are really located in such a hot state as Arizona.  

What are you waiting for? Let’s get ready and have your plan for the soonest visit now.