The Best Tattoo Shops in Phoenix Az

Do you think this Southwest area has tattoo shops? Well, it does have numerous marvelous tattoo and piercing shops with various styles.

Let’s take a look at the best tattoo shops in Phoenix Az, and pick one for you.

10 Best Tattoo Shops in Phoenix, Arizona

1. Golden Rule Tattoo

Best Tattoo Shops in Phoenix Az

You won’t find such a tattoo shop like this because the Golden Rule is the only and unique in the area. If you may not know, this shop was also awarded the 1st tattoo shop and has owned the winners of “Best Tattoo Artist in AZ” for the last five years. What is more to expect in this beautiful tattoo shop?

Not like many others, artists of Golden Rule tattoo always offer meaningful and personal icons, images, and ink. You can also have your request, but they know how to make your stuff unique and special. The quality and handcraft skills of the Golden Rule are undeniably perfect.

“Clean, friendly, and professionals” are three standards that Golden Rule tattoo follows and works. What a fantastic tattoo shop in Phoenix!


Roosevelt Location: 120 East Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ 85004

Camelback location: 14 West Camelback Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85013

2. Om Ink Gallery

As its name, this shop is more like a gallery with many arts, photos, and pictures.

Be careful, or you may get lost into their world, the world the artists “find themselves and lose themselves at the same time.”

There are some services here: arts, piercing, painting, and photographing. Of course, each product is carefully designed and decorated with much passion and technique. You can feel rest assured about the quality and craftsmanship in Om Ink Gallery.

Address: 1805 North 91st Ave., Ste. 100, Phoenix, AZ 85037

3. Divinity Tattoo

Been working for more than 18 years, Divinity Tattoo has set the standard of arts in Phoenix and Arizona. It gathers the best artists from all around the world with various styles, skills, and techniques. They always offer creative and fashionable ink to customers with safety and cleanliness.

In the term of “safety,” Divinity Tattoo commits to provide the service and environment without any bloodborne pathogens possibility. All artists are trained and educated to make sure all equipment is clean and safe after use. Hazardous waste is also disposed of by another trusted party.

Divinity Tattoo promises to provide the highest level of safety and standards while following precautions by Red Cross, which is to make clients the most assured and comfortable.

Address: 2126 East Cactus Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85022

4. High Noon Tattoo

This squad is incredible that you must get an icon of them now.

High Noon Tattoo houses full-time artists who are friendly, experienced, skillful, and clean. Their knowledge is excellent that can help you in styles, meaning, and sizes of a tattoo. Notably, the customer service of High Noon Tattoo is wonderful and exceptional, which makes them a reputable and trusted parlor in Arizona.

High Noon Tattoo offers from the first tattoo to the large custom piece. They work seven days a week from 12 pm to 8 pm.

Address: 4215 North 16th Street Suite 9, Phoenix, AZ 85016

5. Love & Hate Tattoo and Piercing

The oldest tattoo shop in town has opened since 1975. What do they have? Let’s check out.

Located in the heart of downtown, Love & Hate has been in business for such a long time with reputation and reliability. Now they have five main artists who work seven days a week. They are all experienced and skillful artists, while they also make pierce.

This squad can work from small icons to full-body tattoo with many intricate details. You should call them for an appointment. However, they also have a walk-in service.

Address: 322 West McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ 85003

6. 27 Tattoo Studio

Honestly, this is among the few tattoo shops to offer tattoo in ink only, and they don’t provide piercing service. This makes the shop more specialized, and that’s why I get interested in 27 Tattoo Studio.

As they only offer tattoo in ink, the standards are always put on the highest level. You can feel rest assured by their quality, cleanliness, and customer service. Their skills and techniques are highly appreciated with detailed and qualified work.

One more thing to consider is their commitment to the safety of customers and special policy, which offer custom ink specials for newcomers with only $27.

Address: 600 North 4th Street #145, Phoenix, AZ 85004

7. Lady Luck Tattoo

Located in the heart of the downtown, Lady Luck focuses on the modern art tattoo. Every masterpiece from this beautiful shop brings out the beauty, fashion, and the most trending features.

Lady Luck tattoo also has an experienced team of artists who are friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic. They bring the family atmosphere to clients while offering qualified and superb service.

Address: 1301 NW Grand Avenue #3 Phoenix, AZ 85007

8. Cardiff Giant Tattoo

Though it just established in 2016, Cardiff Giant Tattoo has gained much reputation and interest from many people in Arizona.

There are lots of services offered here: tattooing, piercing, tooth gems, and other body jewelry.

The tattoo is designed and created by an experienced team of artists who specialize in many styles and techniques. Body piercing is provided in full service, while tooth gems are also included.

If you are interested in a tattoo shop with vast space and many other services, here is the best choice.

Address: 119 W Mcdowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85003

9. Wookie Style Tattoo

This tattoo shop was named as Terry “Wookie” Hoffman, who has joined this industry since 1992. He worked in one of the largest tattoo shops in Arizona before stepping out and creating his own brand. This man specializes in the only tattoo from custom design, photo-realism, portrait, Asian, and traditional, etc.

Address: 4142 E Chandler Blvd, Ste 102, Phoenix, AZ 85048

10. Daydream Tattoos

Honestly, this is a family business, and so, art is above all. You should not urge or push them to work fast or quickly as they only devote to the art. They provide deliberate details, patterns, and also the large ink icons.

If you like a cozy corner or small tattoo shop, Daydream Tattoos is the best place to come in.

Address: 3117 W Dunbar Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85041

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Wrapping up

Are you interested in those tattoo shops above? They are all the best tattoo shops in Phoenix, Az that have gained the reputation and trust of many people for years. Let’s come in and get a “super” cool tattoo now.