Are you a Arizona citizen, or someone who love this state? How’d you like to publish a guest post on Carmona for Arizona?

If you want to share your content with our readers (mostly Arizona people), here’s what you need to know!

Important: This offer is for bloggers only. We do NOT publish sponsored posts.

Our Requirements:

Please spend a few minutes reading the other posts on our site, and we hope you get a feel for what we’re all about: Arizona related information for living and cool place to visit. Bellow are some requirements.

  • Send us your idea before start writing
  • Article must be at least 1000 words long and should be written by you.
  • The article should not be publish somewhere else, must be unique.
  • The Article must have 2-3 photos, should be at least 800×800 px. Please add source of the photo so we know where it from. Royalty free image are prefered.

If you have any question or want to submit your idea. Send us a message at our contact page.